The Viper Room

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The Viper Room

The Viper Room has a dark history, The Hollywood nightclub was involved with drugs, sex, and more celebrities. It was Halloween 1993. River Phoenix was partying with his girlfriend and his brother Joaquin Phoenix. River stumbled out of the nightclub with his girlfriend and Joaquin and he died in front of the club of an overdose.

Some more shady things were going on in the nightclub. With the disappearance of Anthony Fox. Who was the owner of the viper room, with Johnny Depp and Sal Jenco who are part owners? Anthony was in hot water with the two owners and they found his truck in Santa Clara. He is buried under the nightclub.

There is a lot of paranormal activity in The Viper Room. There is one part of the bar that people have been known to fall unexpectedly, faint, and feel cold spots. Another incident at the bar is when a glass flew off the bar shattering. Anther active aria is the VIP room of the nightclub and the basement. People hear voices with special equipment like an EVP recorder, or with their ears.

The Viper Room has been explored by The Ghost Adventures team on their show which is their own Travel Channel, and BuzzFeed's Unsolved Network supernatural with Ryan Bergara and Shane Maday which is on YouTube. Other YouTubers like Let's talk mystery which is another true crime and history show. The viper room is the famous nightclub on the Sun Set Strip in Hollywood. Many celebrities have been and still go to The viper room. some celebrities never left, and there is more to explore.

Photograph by Mike Dillon

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