Paranormal & More

The term paranormal has existed in the English language since at least 1920. The word consists of two parts: para and normal. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is normal and anything that is above, beyond, or contrary to that is para.

Paranormal events are purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described as beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. The paranormal is ‘beyond the normal’ – phenomena for which there is no generally accepted scientific explanation. It’s a good enough working definition but it soon falls apart when you examine it in any detail.

It is usually easier to think of examples of the paranormal rather than state a satisfying definition. For instance, a ghost is obviously paranormal. Much of what people believe about the paranormal derives from fiction and tradition. When real cases are examined, they often turn out quite differently to tradition and frequently have natural explanations. The reason they are considered paranormal is usually because the witnesses expect them to be.

Given the difficulty of dealing with such philosophical problems, most paranormal investigators confine themselves to researching actual cases. The practical definition of the paranormal then effectively becomes, ‘something for which normal explanation can be found’. So, if a trigger object is found to have moved in a sealed room. it is assumed that it was due to paranormal phenomenon if no other explanation can be found.

Difference Between Paranormal And Supernatural

The terms “paranormal” and “supernatural” are often tossed around to mean the same thing—something we don’t understand. They’re actually two separate terms, though. The word “Paranormal” refers to something that’s not understood by current scientific knowledge. There is the potential that something paranormal will someday be explained scientifically, and there’s a likelihood there’s a good, natural explanation for it. “Supernatural” refers to a phenomenon that is beyond our capability to understand, now and simply forever, because it just doesn’t operate under our rules.

Many things fall under Paranormal, examples Ghosts, Angels and Demons, Spirits, Elementals, Poltergeists, Orbs, Hauntings, UFO’s, Aliens, Bigfoot, Black-eyed Kids, Werewolves and vampire lore, and Psychic abilities. We look to explore these subjects and more, Come Join Us.