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"I have always been interested in things unknown, history, ghosts and the question are we alone in the universe. i hope we can discover these answers together here at Paranormal Experiences"

Tom McDonough

Website Curator

"I grew up as an Atheist & Skeptic. After going through a Dark Night of the Soul, I could no longer deny that there was *something else* going on. Since then, I've had more than my fair share of Paranormal Experiences, everything from Ghosts to Past Life Visions to UFOs."

David Emmett

Website Curator

"Chris Moon, Psychic Medium and Paranormal Researcher known as "The Ghost Guy,". He has been on truTV Network’s “Door to the Dead”, NBC’s “Today Show”, A&E Network’s “Paranormal State”, as well as numerous ABC, CBS, NBC, CW (formally the WB), and FOX affiliate stations around the country."

Christopher Moon

PE Investigator

Ashley Montijo

Editor & Investigator

"Hello, please let me introduce myself. My name is Karen Marr & I am a clairvoyant. Born with abilities similar to my Grandmother, she educated me about spiritualism and palmistry. Early on communication were done with seances so others could verify a readings results. In 1995 I moved from Ohio to Charleston SC. Here the spirits require readings as much as the living."

Karen Marr

PE Investigator

"Hi Everyone! My name is Ellen Durkin, I'm from Parker, Colorado and have had a strong interest in the paranormal since I was a little kid. Shows like "Mystery Hunters" on Discovery Kids or "The Othersiders" on Cartoon Network introduced me to this world, and I've always wanted to know more!"

Ellen Durkin

PE Investigator

"Hello my name is Madison Chimack and I am skeptical of the paranormal. But I am still a believer of ghosts spirits and other entities. What gets me into paranormal is trolls like ghost adventures. And I also like unsolved by BuzzFeed supernatural. I also like history. And I also like to ask questions about what’s really out there. Even though I am skeptical I am curious."

Madison Chimack

Staff Writer