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Paranormal Experiences is a website dedicated to collecting the strange encounters, macabre and the supernatural. Featuring a mixture of articles and moderated forums, we also host a growing database of reader submitted ghost stories, paranormal photographs and media from around the world.

Our mission is to openly discuss the paranormal, investigating ghost-related research and evidence. Paranormal Experiences is the place where paranormal investigators, those who have encountered ghosts or spirits, those curious, and even those who are skeptic, come to share views, opinions and stories. Though we may not agree with all of the ideas posted on the site, we absolutely welcome all viewpoints.

We are here offer open, drama-free discussions on these topics and subjects through Moderated Forums and our global audience. Paranormal Experiences is committed to researching, investigating, and documenting the paranormal.

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All our images come either Wiki Media Commons or Pixabay available under the Creative Commons CC0 License & Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike LicenseGNU Free Documentation License, Our own pictures, Library of Congress and images used by permission from organizations or individuals. We have added Credits on all images. If we have missed any credits please contact us so we can add credits if we missed any. We believe in giving credit were credit is due.